Solihull Bicycle Campaign

The Solihull bicycle campaign is a sustainability campaign based around the bicycle. We aim to champion cycling and campaign for safer and more attractive cycle routes based on the Dutch method of cycle design, in the Solihull and West Midlands areas. For more information visit:

  • Highway Code changes

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    A bill is being put forward to sentence any cyclist convicted of dangerous cycling to a 14 year prison term.

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  • DfT Policy Paper - Inclusive Transport Strategy

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Lots of interesting stuff about inclusive transport regarding trains, buses, cars, public realm, streets and yes a bit about cycling too. Quotes:

    Shared Space:

    8.11 While we consider CIHT and DPTAC’s recommendations and how to take them
    forward, we are requesting that local authorities pause any shared space schemes
    incorporating a level surface they are considering, and which are at the design stage.
    We are also temporarily suspending Local Transport Note 1/11. This pause will allow
    us to carry out research and produce updated guidance.

    Objectives regarding Cycling:

    • Update Local Transport Note 2/08, which sets out the Department’s guidance to
    local authorities on designing safe and inclusive infrastructure for cyclists, to take
    account of developments in cycling infrastructure since its publication in 2008 and
    the responses to the draft AAP consultation and publish a revised version by early
    • By 2020, explore the feasibility of amending legislation to recognise the use of
    cycles as a mobility aid71 in order to increase the number of disabled people

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  • Cycle Access to Train Platform

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 1 thread

    The only cycle access to the train platforms at Solihull station is an extremely small lift, otherwise your only option is carrying your bicycle up and down the stairs which can be quiet challenging. A simple solution would be a wheeling rail at the edge of the stairway to guide wheels down slowly. I see quite a few people with bicycles using the train and I myself do so on a weekly basis and two flights of stairs with a laden bicycle certainly make things tricky.

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  • Missing Cycling and Walking Link

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 1 thread

    The path between Smith's Wood and Water Orton could be a key cycling and walking link and a way to avoid the only other crossing of the A452 and M6, which is the busy and fast Water Orton Road. However the route is blocked off with concrete blocks and is in an extremely poor state of repair with overgrown bushes and an exceedingly unpleasant subway.

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  • Extremely poor cycle provision for crossing the Coventry Road

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 0 threads

    Cycle provision before this junction vanishes entirely and the only option beyond navigating this extremely busy junction are unappealing subways beneath the junction. For the less confident cyclist this junction would pose a significant barrier as mixing with three lanes of heavy bus, HGV and motor traffic is a daunting prospect for most people. The dank and dirty subways are even less appealing with poor sight-lines, long walks and poor social safety as a result.
    This junction is frequently used by cyclists and could be part of an effective links between the north and south of Solihull, as well as this there is clearly enough space for a full Dutch style junction with proper protection for bicycle users to enable them to pass this barrier.

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  • No/very little cycle provision

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 0 threads

    Beyond a single ASL there is no cycling provision for this section of the signposted route from the Coventry Road to Solihull town centre, despite cycling provision being of a decent off-road/ quiet road standard before and after this section.
    The short section of road before the turn into Moat Lane is pretty daunting as this is a major traffic and bus route; a barrier that could easily lead to less confident cyclists being forced onto the footway.
    A possible solution could be the continuation of the off-road cycle path up to Moat Lane (or indeed directly to the town centre) and a 20mph limit and traffic calming beyond there.

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  • Badly signposted route section

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 0 threads

    This section of cycle route has only sporadic signposting and also diverts through a narrow underpass with poor social safety. While this route does provide a decent alternative to the other busier roads, the way-finding is poor and the route is very rarely used by cyclists and as such has a poor feeling of social safety.

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  • Narrow shared-use path

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 0 threads

    The shared-use path between Union Road and Grove Road is only wide enough for two people walking side by side and is frequently used by pedestrians, effectively designing in conflict. The path surface itself is also heavily damaged by weathering and tree roots and makes for a rather uncomfortable ride.
    This route would benefit significantly from widening and resurfacing. There is a stretch of grassy bank on the east side of the fence that could be appropriated from the Hospital to create this additional space.

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