Linden Road Crossing on Mary Vale Road

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This crossing is a problem for all road users, and it's quite common to hear blaring horns and screeching tyres. Pedestrians have a Puffin crossing, but for cyclists there is nothing. There is good reason for cyclists to cross Linden Road here, as it connects the bulk of the Bournville housing with the Worcester and Birmingham canal and the Rea Valley cycle route, and the motor traffic levels on Mary Vale Road are tolerable. Linden Road, on the other hand, is busy with motor traffic, including trucks. So the crossing needs to be improved, especially for cyclists heading along Mary Vale Road. Helpful to cyclists would be changing the priority in favour of Mary Vale Road. This would also encourage motorists to slow down on Linden Road. Unravelling routes in this way (so that cyclists cross main roads at a right angle and giving the cycling route priority) is one of the ways the Dutch encourage people to cycle rather than drive. Other possibilities are traffic lights or a mini-roundabout.


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