Sycamore Road / Laburnum Road Junction

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Added by Dawes Jaguar

If cycling up the hill to Raddlebarn Road, the right turn into Laburnum Road is tricky on a slow-moving bike. This is because Sycamore Road is used as a through-route, which means it is far busier than it should be. The 20mph limit is often ignored (because it's being used by through-traffic). Really it should be closed to make it useless as a through-route for motor traffic, but a simple first step would be to make the section shown inaccessible to north-bound traffic using the simple expedient of bollards across the north-bound lane and a "no entry except cycles" sign. This would mean cyclists using the naturally quieter Laburnum Road would be spared the uphill right turn, whilst simultaneously making the entire road intrinsically slower for motor traffic. Priority would need to be changed at the junction in favour of the the Sycamore Road-Laburnum Road route. Cyclists heading north could of course pass through the bollards if they so wished.


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