Old Church Avenue

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Added by Dawes Jaguar

* Remove the cycling prohibition order on Old Church Road and make it shared use.
* Make the crossing on Harborne Park Road a toucan crossing.
* Paint a line along the join in the path on Harborne Park Road, to make it split use.
* Make arrangements to allow cyclists to connect between this cycle path and Vivian Road safely.

Note that there is a school at the end near the church, which of course encourages motor traffic. Improving the walking and cycling routes here would reduce the motor traffic.

German towns have made paths such as Old Church Avenue shared use to encourage cycling. They don't become impossibly busy with cyclists, but such moves do result in a much higher cycling modal share, which in turn reduces congestion. Old Church Avenue would make a useful link to encourage cyclists into Harborne. Harborne currently has a difficult-to-use road system and is congested with cars. This is really bad for trade. Removing the cars from Harborne high street would boost trade and revive the high street, but people still need to get there somehow. That's where bikes come in.



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