Lichfield Road Main Corridor Phase 1B(i)

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Added by Chris Lowe

"Two parts of this route fall into Phase 1B. The first part runs from Lancaster Circus where the route is on shared surfaces around and within the roundabout, a shared surface also extends northwards on the east side of Corporation Street through to Dartmouth Circus where the paths around and within the roundabout are also converted to shared surfaces. In addition cyclists may also use the bus lanes on Corporation Street between Lancaster Circus and Dartmouth Circus. From Dartmouth Circus, the route continues northwards on a shared surface on either side of Aston Road. The outbound route continues as a shared surface connecting into parallel route B (Birchfield to city centre, Dartmouth Circus) along Thomas Street as well as providing an uncontrolled crossing of Thomas Street to connect into the bus lane on Aston Road, extending as far as Park Lane roundabout. Inbound, the route from Park Lane roundabout utilises an short length of advisory cycle lane before joining the existing bus lane as far as Aston Road North. At this point cyclists have a choice of route to access the shared surfaces at Dartmouth Circus. They can opt to turn off the A38 into Aston Road where there is a connection to both the shared surfaces and the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal, or they can continue within a proposed new bus lane which extends as far as the bus stop just prior to Dartmouth Circus where they then connect into the shared surfaces for Dartmouth Circus.
The final section runs from Park Lane/Rocky Lane roundabout, where cyclists use shared surfaces and an upgraded crossing (pelican to toucan) before connecting back into the existing bus lanes north of Park Road."

This section corresponds to sheets 1 to 9 of the technical drawings.


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