Lichfield Main Corridor Phase 1B(ii)

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Added by Chris Lowe

"The second part of the Lichfield Road route in Phase 1B runs from Salford Circus along Gravelly Hill and Gravelly Hill North to Six Ways. The route uses a combination of mandatory and advisory cycle lanes as well as cycle symbols. In the section between Salford Circus and Kingsbury Road, the outbound route is primarily along a mandatory cycle lane. The inbound route employs cycle symbols from Kingsbury Road junction as far as the start of the grade separation, where an advisory cycle lane is provided before connecting into the shared surfaces at Salford Circus (where the Lichfield Road route connects to parallel routes D (Gravelly Hill to Short Heath) & E (Gravely Hill to Erdington)). From Kingsbury Road to Six Ways, the route primarily uses advisory cycle lanes both inbound and outbound save for a short section at Hunton Hill junction where cycle symbols have to be employed due to lack of carriageway space."

This section corresponds to pages 18 to 25 on the technical drawings.


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