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  • Sycamore Road / Laburnum Road Junction

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    If cycling up the hill to Raddlebarn Road, the right turn into Laburnum Road is tricky on a slow-moving bike. This is because Sycamore Road is used as a through-route, which means it is far busier than it should be. The 20mph limit is often ignored (because it's being used by through-traffic). Really it should be closed to make it useless as a through-route for motor traffic, but a simple first step would be to make the section shown inaccessible to north-bound traffic using the simple expedient of bollards across the north-bound lane and a "no entry except cycles" sign. This would mean cyclists using the naturally quieter Laburnum Road would be spared the uphill right turn, whilst simultaneously making the entire road intrinsically slower for motor traffic. Priority would need to be changed at the junction in favour of the the Sycamore Road-Laburnum Road route. Cyclists heading north could of course pass through the bollards if they so wished.

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  • Badly Designed Junction

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    Bunbury Road is busy, but road users emerging from Woodlands Park Road and Northfield Road have to play a game of chicken as they try to judge the best moment to make a rapid exit without crashing into each other. Adding to the processing overload, the following must also be taken into account by road users:

    * A service road opposite Woodlands Park Road connects with Bunbury Road at this point.
    * A cycle path runs from the junction down to Bunbury Gardens.
    * A zebra crossing, one that many motorists (including police drivers) fail to stop for, presumably because of the processing overload.

    Lacking acceleration, cyclists face a long wait either at the junction or the zebra crossing. Either way they risk being mown down by a motorist lacking the superhuman skills required to negotiate this junction safely. Since even police drivers make dangerous mistakes here, then it is clearly hopelessly wrong.

    There is quite a bit of space here. I would suggest as a minimum a single lane roundabout be created, but since Bunbury Road is busy and there is already a cycle path here it should be made a proper Dutch-style roundabout. To ease the design, close Northfield Road at this point to motor traffic (Northfield Road runs parallel to Bunbury Road).

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