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  • Traffic lights at junction do not change for bikes

    Created by edge // 1 thread

    When approaching this junction from the East on Widney Lane (and possibly other directions as well), the traffic lights do not detect the presence of waiting cycles.

    Since the default priority at this junction is for traffic on the Blossomfield Rd / Marshall Lake Road axis, this means that cycles heading from Widney Lane to Longmore Road have to wait indefinitely to cross the junction.

    In busy times this is not a problem, because a waiting car will trigger the traffic lights to change.

    However, at quiet times this effectively means cycles cannot cross this junction legally at all. I have experimentally waited more than 5 minutes for the lights to change. Unless a car comes to trigger the change, cyclists are stuck.

    This "bike-blindness" built into the road signalling infrastructure is unfortunately not uncommon. As well as being inconvenient for and disrespectful of cyclists, it reinforces the notion that bicycles are second-class road-users - indeed that they do not really belong on the road at all.

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  • Charfield Close Junction

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    This road has been left with a hopelessly outmoded junction geometry, with huge radii and a simply breathtaking width. It's so bad that it's not unknown for oncoming vehicles to pass "continental style", because a perfectly reasonable path turning right into the close will take you way over to the right of anyone making a right turn out of the close (note there are no white lines to provide road positioning guidance). This would in fact make a great cycling link from Cob Lane into the park. There is ample room to create a cycle path and a crossing with a central refuge, and make the junction safer and less bizarre for motorists. Instead the city council has elected to take cyclists on an unlit shared path the same width as a bike, across an informal crossing upon which cyclists are instructed to dismount, and along a footpath.

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