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  • Charfield Close Junction

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    This road has been left with a hopelessly outmoded junction geometry, with huge radii and a simply breathtaking width. It's so bad that it's not unknown for oncoming vehicles to pass "continental style", because a perfectly reasonable path turning right into the close will take you way over to the right of anyone making a right turn out of the close (note there are no white lines to provide road positioning guidance). This would in fact make a great cycling link from Cob Lane into the park. There is ample room to create a cycle path and a crossing with a central refuge, and make the junction safer and less bizarre for motorists. Instead the city council has elected to take cyclists on an unlit shared path the same width as a bike, across an informal crossing upon which cyclists are instructed to dismount, and along a footpath.

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