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  • The Barberry

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 1 thread

    Whilst it is good that cyclists have been considered here, the design is abysmal. To remain within the law, cyclists have to dismount in the carriageway, push their bikes along a few metres of footway, and then remount their bikes to continue. Additionally, because every effort has been made to speed car drivers through the roundabout, both pedestrians and cyclists have to wait for a steady stream of motorists, but courtesy of the bend in the road the sight-line when heading South-West is abysmal. Meanwhile traffic can come from the right from no less than three roads using the two available lanes. It doesn't have to be this way, and shouldn't be.

    Cyclists and pedestrians should have priority, and a severe speed table built to force motorists to drive dead slow. The roundabout needs to be narrowed to one lane with a cobbled overrun area. None of this is new engineering design, and the techniques are perfectly legal in the UK. It could have been designed this way from scratch, which would have been much cheaper.

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  • QE Hospital Main Entrance

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 1 thread

    The cycling infrastructure at this brand new hospital is abysmally designed. As can be seen from the photo is passes through busy bus shelters, rendering it unusable. Consequently cyclists are forced to use the multi-lane gyratory system that has been built directly outside the hospital main entrance. Cyclists heading away from the hospital towards Harborne Lane have to make a weird right turn off the carriageway on to Vincent Drive, something drivers are not expecting.

    There is thus no cycle friendly route between the Vincent Drive cycleway and the popular cycle parking at the main entrance. This needs to be corrected.

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